[Interview] Bielorussia e censura del web: intervista ad una Web Marketing Manager

Cosa faresti se non potessi più accedere per lavoro a siti stranieri per lavoro? In Bielorussia potrebbe essere così.

Il governo di Lukhashenko ha smentito che dal 6 gennaio sia oggetto di sanzione l’accesso a siti stranieri mentre potranno essere invece passibili di sanzioni, se non utilizzeranno la rete internet nazionale per le transazioni svolte in Bielorussia.

Ho deciso così di intervistare una collega Web Marketing Manager bielorussa per capire meglio la situazione che chiamerò con un nome di fantasia Svetlana per tutelarla come da sua richiesta da possibili sanzioni.


– Hi Svetlana, how is going with that news? We read in newspaper that Internet in Belarus would be censored, or at least they tryed to do it, which are the reasons?

SvetlanaHi Andrea! It’s not so easy to answer this question. Freedom of the media in Belarus remains extremely restricted during last 10 years. The Law on Improvements to the Usage of the National Segment of the Internet entered into force on January 6, 2012. The reasons of this law remain unclear for the majority of Belarusians. Our official representatives interpreted the reason of these amendments by desire to make the national segment of the internet more efficient. But it can be also one more step to the strengthening of censorship of independent media in Belarus because till now Internet was not so strictly censored in our country. One reason more – now it will be easier to control Belarusian companies or entrepreneurs or even to stop their business.

Andrea-What does it means for a Belarus Web marketer to use just .by website or register just .by website?

Svetlana-These domains are more expensive and their registration and usage are related to some bureaucracy.

Andrea– which is the % of your work you do with foreign customers or partner?

Svetlana-I do 100% of my work with foreign customers.

Andrea– Do you think it will change your work?

Svetlana-In compliance with the last interpretation of the law it should not affect my work, because we are mostly an outsourcing company working for western market. It will affect in the first place the companies working for Belarusian market which use the internet-resources placed or registered abroad.

Andrea– it seems the governement want to limit the using of foreign website and app and software, but it means to block even the social network, the media to communicate the freedom (ex. North africa revolution..), what think the young people about it, i ve read month ago was censored vkontakte.ru too?

SvetlanaThe social networks will not be concerned by this law, but it seems to me that vkontakte.ru was only censored relative to porno content. I have not heard yet about political censorship in social networks.

Andrea– What do your colleagues think about it?

Svetlana-We have already got accustomed to all sorts of strict laws in our country, but nobody is for these amendments anyway.

Andrea-Do you think that rule will limit the foreign investment too in Belarus?

Svetlana-I’m not sure about that because outsourcing companies are not concerned by this law, and this sector of market interest foreign investors too. But probably they will not hurry to register and place all their internet-resources in Belarus.

Thanks and good luck Svetlana and Belarus colleagues!

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