ISPO Trade fair and Experiential Marketing

I have just finished my two days by ISPO Munich: the leading international exibithion for the sport business elite and this year i walked through the different booth looking for new idea about the concept of Experiential marketing. I wanted to know how the different brands try to involve the visitors.

First of all i would like to anticipate that my considerations is like the points of view of a visitor and that the trade fair is a B2B exibithion, so the connection with the users could not be the main scope of many brands that read the fair just as a place to meet the stakeholders to increase the sales.

So for one hour i “change my mind” and walk listening other visitors. The goal was to collect examples of brands that create relations through the different type of experiences (Sense, Feel, Think, Act, and Relate) across experience providers.

I have to admit that i didnt notice some so cool idea to write in my pocketbook, there were many screen to explain products or brand videos, but no so many idea to engage the consumers.

The best engaging concept in my opinion were in the booth of GORE-TEX® , SALEWA and Mammut


What i like from GORE-TEX® was not in the booth, but in the installation for celebrate 40 years of innovation. The visitors were invited to join in the black box where they can feel, listen, see the innovation activating the different senses:  vision, hearing, and touch.


PROS: Activate more than one sense, box isolated from the mess of the traid fair

CONS: visitors cant understand to go in without an hostess that invite



SALEWA Tryed to engage the users through a seasonal campign warm up connecting emotions to warmness of the body and to express that concept implementing a tool where the users can make a picture of their body through a thermal camera.


PROS: Innovative tool, mix science and experience

CONS: the tool was inside the booth, not visible with a big screen to attract visitors on the warmness concept



Mammut approached ISPO with two concepts: one about the ABS avalanche system and one oculus 360. The oculus was presented some season ago, in factt was relegated to an corner inside the booth, while the ABS system was visibele in the external part of the booth near the entry where two players could have a challenge on put on the backpack and activate the ABS.


PROS: Gaming activation, connection with a product

CONS: the activity should be promote more, the installation without players is not easy to understand


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