Try My Hybrid: How to use experiential marketing to promote social engagement

Who are the best testimonial of a car? The owners. Sure at Saatchi they think that Lovemarks is loyalty beyond reason.

The readers that live in Italy like me sure remember the campaign that was on air last month about the Toyota hybrid car: the subject was not the car or the features, but the leaders that is the people that already choose Toyota Hybrid cars.

Who are leaders? A leader is one who influences or leads others, (Wikipedia), so keeping in mind that is logical that the first target to reach for Toyota are potential new leaders that in a second step could become the best ambassadors.

In fact Toyota Norway create a directory of Toyota Hybrid owners who for no money let strangers and friends of friends through Facebook try and experience their cars, so they will let new people to feel, smell, listen the car (the hearing is very crucial point for Toyota hybrid experience) and recieve the right input from who is already owner.

And i can imagine the the leaders will not talk about techinical features (we can find in a e-brochure), but about the little personal satisfactions and positive experiences touching so the little neuromarketing issues

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